About Us

Habaq Society is an experimental project for a network and an online platform founded for Talented and New Artists, who are looking to develop their abilities and connect with other fellow artists.

Questions & Answers


We’ve been asked what we think about the development of such a program that is aimed at supporting Arab immigrants in Europe, and we would like to take this opportunity to elaborate more.

The way we view this project is a response to a need. There is an obvious need for supporting start-up Arab artists around the world, since, culturally, they have not had the same exposure to, first, the importance of contemporary art, and second, the external belief in it.

Many young Arab artists have a lot of potential and creative ability, however, the context they are in does not support their development for a number of reasons. Since we are here in Europe and have the resources and the ability to provide resources, we aim to provide a platform for these artists to believe in themselves and their work.

What Does “Habaq” stand for?

Habaq, the Basil plant in Arabic, is known for the pleasant aroma it radiates every time it is stroked, the same way we believe Arab arts radiate, no matter which direction the wind blows.

Why did we choose “Society” form for Habaq?

We recognize the importance of cultural exposure for migrant communities, and creating a “society” which includes people from different professional backgrounds, complimenting each other with their abilities, whether creative or practical, is the aim of Habaq Society. For each event we create, the team will be formed of the members of this Society.

How can participants reach to Habaq Society?

Other than our website and social media platforms, we are organizing monthly meetups, to socialize, network, and answer all questions. To become a member, visit our website www.habaq.de

What are the upcoming plans for Habaq Society?

Every year, we create 12 events, in the form of training modules (e.g. workshops), networking events, and different collaborations. Each event is meant to engage artists and participants from Habaq society in order to develop their skills, focus on their art and integrate themselves into the international contemporary art scene.

In which countries is “Habaq” active?

Habaq is an online platfrom, with its activites taking place in Europe in general, and Germany more often.

“Feels Like Home”


Being part of our family has been a blessing for many of our members, we’re glad to try collecting those diverse group of talents in one place “Habaq”