About Us

Habaq Society is an experimental project for a network and an online platform founded for Talented and New Artists, who are looking to develop their abilities and connect with other fellow artists.

A Story about Habaq


The Idea of the society emerged when we realized that there is a need to create a network for start-up artists and link them with the industry.

Today, there are numerous young Arab artists, all over the world, who are experimenting with the contemporary/alternative art scene, rather than the traditional. Having been exposed to the traditional Arab art and culture, with its rich history and conflicting present, we view a creative future.

The contemporary Arab art scene is yet to be invested in, let alone, discovered internationally.

Habaq Society aims to fill that gap and provide those Arab artists with what they need to express freely and reach new potentials while exposing their works internationally and providing the right opportunities for each artist.

On the bigger scale, we believe, as much research has shown, the importance of art and its role as a tool for peacebuilding, whether through creating art, or exposure to art.

Our team of experienced professionals, and our growing society of creative artists, truly believe in the power of art and its ability to simplify communication, elevate the experience, engage and inspire people everywhere.

Company Value


Habaq Society envisions to first, provide the resources for Arab start-up artists with creative abilities to reach their full potential, and then build a bridge between international professionals and start-up artists to cooperate and explore a variety of untapped artistic dimensions.


Network, Make contacts with other artists and specialists from different art departments.

Create Events, Opportunities, Ideas, and Projects, with us and through us.

Interact, Meet, Discuss & Brainstorm with Experts from your Industry.

Our Capability


Habaq Society will assist artists in managing their careers and developing new projects while providing contract management and professional financial proposals and plans.


We will provide the development of artist’s profile, preparing them for agencies, in addition to social media management, through content creation and management to ensure maximum exposure


Location management for events and activities, in addition to providing the teams and crews needed for each project or activity in the art industry.


Habaq Society is also developing workshops and course for the professional development of the artists to help them reach their full potential.

The Market

Target Market

Habaq Society is aimed at Arab start-up artists, all over the world, who lack the resources to reach their full artistic potentials. The lack of international opportunities for Arab artists is evident, and such a platform is essential to create the missing bridge between the two sides.

Marketing Strategy

The creators of Habaq Society have a large network of Arab artists, who share similar views. Habaq has already launched social media profiles and a website, through which brand awareness is being created, in addition to monthly events which aim to cultivate Habaq society and provide space for networking.

Competitive Advantage

Habaq Society stands out with its approach towards artists, when most similar networking platforms aim to create opportunities for artists, usually locally, we aim to develop the artists’ skills to reach full potential, in addition to creating opportunities both on local and international grounds.

Since 2011…

The Arab Spring consumed many countries and left them in distress, affecting populations of all sorts. The aftermath of these series of events is the displacement of Arabs all over the world, mainly the youth. Europe opened its doors and now is home for many young Arabs.

Being away from one’s country, family and everything one is familiar with, especially when it is for seeking asylum, is a heavy experience. It goes without saying that the Arab and European cultures, although can meet, have their differences in many aspects, and cultural integration is an essential step to ensure the well-being of the masses.

As organizers of Habaq Society, being Arab immigrants ourselves, we viewed it necessary to create a sort of cultural hub that connects these youth, helps in the development of their careers and their integration in the new cultures, while making use of any and all abilities they have.

Habaq Society sheds the most light on the importance of artistic expression and recognizes the abundance of young Arab talents, and aims to invest in them, to fill the gaps created in the Arab world and through the Arab Spring, right here in Europe.


Our yearly agenda includes 12 events and activities throughout the year, including professional development workshops and courses, entertainment events such as concerts and multi-disciplinary exhibitions and shows.

The main purpose of the events we create is to increase artist exposure.

Our events are also a great opportunity for us to involve as much of the Habaq Society as possible in the designing and execution of the events.

Who We’ve Worked With

As a start-up project, Habaq Society is excited about the possibilities of new partnerships to further develop and progress.